Contact Lenses

Every now and then we encounter our patients asking for contact lenses as a replacement for their spectacles most of the time it goes well and goes great, but in some cases where complications lies same contact lenses poses threat to the vision. The main causes behind the complication are lens quality, cleanses, handling, erroneous wearing techniques and storage.

An individual considering replacing his/her glasses with lenses must consult an experienced ophthalmologist capable of clearing up complications. If you feel redness, tiredness, dryness, then immediately removes the lenses and contact us before any harm to the eye.

Versatile Range Of Contact Lenses We Offer

Hard Lenses
These kinds of contact lenses are made up of PMMA polymer, these lenses are used in special circumstances.

Soft Lenses

These lenses are also known as Soft-Toric contact lenses as they are made up of polymers and 66% of water which makes them highly convenient for wearing. These lenses are quite relevant for astigmatism disease convalescents.

Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) lenses

Creation of rigid gas permeable lenses takes place under specifically controlled circumstances and these lenses are manufactured with special material which makes them appear like soft lenses, but lets the oxygen to cross through the lenses to cornea for enhanced nourishment.

Rose K2 Lenses

These are exclusively designed lenses to tackle & treat progressive astigmatism along with Keratoconus, in simple words, this is a condition where the cornea transfers its shape from round to cone. Rose K2 contact lenses are highly customize-able according to the shape of the cornea and in some cases these are the only option to treat Keratoconus disease.

If you think lenses are not for you, but you still want to get rid of eyeglasses, apart from the lens you can also go for blade free LSIK eye surgery for perfect vision. Feel free to Contact Us for more info on it.