Squint Surgery

What is Squint?

Squint is also known as strabismus in medical language and this term refers to a condition in which two eyes are ill positioned which causes turning inwards, outwards, upwards or downwards of one eye while the other eye looks straight.

Squints are quite common in children as this disorder could take place in their eye before the age of 5 and appear later on.


The main cause of squint is the disequilibrium of brain coordination with eye movement muscles. Also, another possible reason for squint could be

  • Myopia (inadequate spectacle power)
  • Childhood Cataracts
  • Abnormalities
  • Genetic Conditions
  • Hydrocephalus


Squint or Strabismus can be easily diagnosed in an eye checkup. As this condition is commonly found in children it becomes mandatory that parents should get their child examined by an experienced ophthalmologist on or before 5th birthday of the child.

If in any case there is a genetic history of strabismus present, then eyes specialist can diagnose the problem on or before the age of 3 years as well. Sometimes children have a wide nose this could appear the condition like a squint as the age grows the difference minimizes, an ophthalmologist or pediatrician can reveal the difference between true and false squint.


There are different conditions of squints and every condition is treated accordingly. At initial level an in-depth evaluation process takes place to allocate the squint type. At Kapil Eye Hospital this process is carried out by squint specialist ophthalmologists who possess previous experience in respective cases.

Childhood Eso


Infantile Eso

In children cases treatment process includes refraction which takes place under cycloplegia. Cycloplegia can be addressed as a paralysis of the eye muscles via eye drops for a short period of time, the effect of drops can last couple of days.


Unfortunately “Manifest Squint” cannot be corrected with the help of spectacles in children, furthermore results of the surgical treatment differs according to treatment. If squint gets diagnosed & treated in early stage results are splendid and long lasting.