Cornea Treatment

At KapilEyeHospital we offer extensive consultancy and safe treatment against disorders of the cornea as well as outer coats of the eye. Disorders associated with cornea are keratoconus, infectious keratitis, corneal dystrophy, inflammatory and allergic cases, these severe diseases becomes the main cause of blurry vision, redness, pain and decreased sight.

Our teams of highly dexterous ophthalmologists are capable of performing special surgical treatments such as amniotic membrane transplants, limbal stem cell transplants and punctum plugs for the tolerant suffering from threatening chemical injuries, cromlech dry eye and ocular surface disorders.

We are also continuously putting our efforts towards enhancing our refractive surgery procedures to tackle and eliminate nearsightedness, astigmatism and farsightedness.

Corneal Transplant

A cornea can be addressed as the top most transparent layer on the eyeball, it enables the light to hit and pass through the surface of the eye enabling us to see appropriately. Due to damage, infection or eye diseases a person might experience distorted image, blemish vision and redness in the eye.

Treatment Procedure

This can be rectified by surgically removing the damaged or affected cornea and implanting new one as shown in the picture. The tissue of the cornea is procured from eye banks and evaluated for its health. In this treatment a highly sensitive surgery takes place which demands experienced pair of hands. Ophthalmologists perform this microsurgery under highly superior microscope specifically designed for this process and later on the newly implant cornea stabilized to its place with microscopic stitches.

Post Op

Post Op follow-up visits are mandatory, that enables the doctor to notice the healing progress and refer medications. As the cornea heals, the vision also perfects with time.

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