Eye Bank

Kapil Eye Hospital possesses the largest Eye Bank available in Punjab territory. We are thankful to the Lord for giving us this opportunity to be a part of this noble cause. Since the establishment of our organization KEH has tremendously increased the collection of effective transplant-able donor corneas and enhanced eye bank standards.

As suppliers of sight restoring corneas, we are laying down our efforts to reach other states of India as well. Madhav Netra Bank is the name we have given to our eye bank and we have been encouraged at every step of our work by our clients.

Our staff utilizes state-of-art equipments & technologies that are required in every aspect of eye banking which further includes:

  • Recovery, evaluation and preservation of donor tissues
  • Distribution of tissues for corneal transplantation
  • Research in cornea preservation and more effective evaluation techniques
  • Public awareness programs

From tough beginning with minimum support we have been accompanied by passion, loyalty and genuinity, over the years we have grown as an independently functioning eye bank and resource center. We are obliged that we have helped thousands of patients in achieving the ability to see and we are devoted to do it continuously.

Following is the form that you can download to send us with filled information, if you desire to light life of a blind person.

For more information or query please contact us at  info@kapileyehospital.com we would be more than obligated to help you with relevant answers.

For online donation pledge click given below link